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    Tuesday -Thursday

    Closed Mondays
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    Taco Tuesdays
    5-10 pm


    Noodle Bowl Night
    5-10 pm
    (Check facebook weekly for our specials)


    $10 Burger & A Beer
    5-10 pm


    10 am-3 pm
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Deagz Dates & Nuts | 7
fried chickpeas, herbs, chili oil, grape leaves

House Fries | 8
parmesan, truffle oil, spicy mayo

Tater Tots | 7
chorizo gravy, scallions, queso fresco

Breaded Mushrooms | 8
garlic, herbs, goat cheese ranch

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Skins | 6
smoked japone sauce, blue cheese, scallions

Drunken Goat Cheese Crostini | 6
grape pomace, prosciutto, saba

Drunken Goat Cheese Crostini | 6
grape pomace, prosciutto, saba

Chips & Quacamole | 6

Chips & Salsa | 4
daily selection

Deviled Eggs | 3
goat cheese, english mustard


House | 7
mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, red onions, white balsamic

Caesar | 7
white anchovies, croutons, parmesan

Pear & Parsnip | 8
local greens, barley, celery root, red wine puree, smoked blue cheese, red wine vinaigrette

Blueberry Pomegranate | 8
local greens, herb goat cheese, shaved red onions, brandied pecans, pomegranate balsamic

Bacon & Egg | 9
soft boiled egg, applewood bacon, shaved brussels sprouts, pickled red onions, mustard & chive vinaigrette


Hard Cider Mussels | 12
andouille sausage, rosemary, granny smith apples, original sin cider, crostini

Calamari | 10 
wasabi honey, sweet chile, scallions

Spicy Shrimp Tacos | 10
avocado, white cheddar, micro cilantro, spicy mayo

Smoked Salmon Toast | 7
avocado, grated egg, shaved red onions, capers, pink peppercorns

Lobster & Crab Dip | 14
jalapenos, scallions, pita

Chicken Wings | 8
choice of soy chile jam or cajun buffalo

Duck Breast | 10
brussels sprouts, pomegranate, walnuts, sweet potato, chili pepper, maple

Bison Meatloaf | 11
carrot puree, roasted root vegetables, leek & carrot salad

Steak Eggrolls | 9
green olives, potatoes, ranchero, cilantro crema

Borscht Pierogies | 12
braised short ribs, cleveland kraut gnar gnar, borscht puree, horseradish sour cream

Veal Schnitzel | 8
housemade spaetzel, paprika cream, oregano, horseradish sour cream

Mac & Cheese | 8
bbq pork shoulder, fried shallots, gouda

Baked Goat Cheese | 11
stewed apples, cider reduction, granola, crostini

Cornbread | 5
whipped honey, cinnamon & bourbon butter


Choice of 3 served w/ seasonal accompaniments | 18
taleggio, cotswold, beemster, bayley hazen, mobay
coppa, prosciutto americano, soppresseta, ‘nduja

Big Board | 30
selection of all of the above


Chicken & Waffle | 15
sweet potato waffle, fried brussels sprouts, cinnamon maple syrup

Smoked Pork Tenderloin | 18
braised collard greens, barley pilaf, cajun maple jus

Lamb Shank | 20
turnips, baby carrots, pearl onions, mint & pistachio gremolata

DKB Burger | 13
pickled red onion, white cheddar, applewood bacon, fries

Hanger Steak | 21
squash, potato, swiss chard, fig & maple reduction, root vegetable chips

Fish & Grits| 15
perch, swiss chard, bell peppers, onions, white cheddar grits, cajun buffalo sauce

Pam Seared Salmon | 20
spaetzle, swiss chard, leeks, fennel, rutabaga, squash puree, saba

Falafel Sliders | 13
edamame, cucumbers, tahini briochoe buns, house salad

Crispy Tofu | 15
cinnamon, cayenne, squash puree, brussels sprouts, swiss chard, wine soaked cranberries